How to market your business on Instagram

How to market your business on Instagram

Instagram offers businesses the opportunity to reach a highly targeted audience by promoting their products and services. Instagram recently launched an advertising platform, which integrates with Facebook’s incredible targeting capabilities. Businesses are taking advantage of this partnership. Companies know that their users are constantly checking their news feed. Instagrammers are 2.5x more likely to click on newsfeed ads that ads on other social media platforms. You have a lot of opportunities when you use Instagram ads to promote your business.

For the first time, mobile advertising surpasses newspaper advertising. Both large and small businesses are seeing tangible results from social media advertising. Instagram advertising has cheapest smm panel already brought in more than half a million dollars and is expected to double within the next year. This is a sign that business owners are investing where it is most profitable.

Instagram’s advertising platform is simple to use and is filled with enthusiastic and passionate users. It is affordable and has great metrics. Integrating Instagram ads into your marketing strategy is crucial if you already advertise your product on social media or are trying to build your customer base.

These are five things to remember before you post an Instagram ad to increase your brand reach, engage followers, and attract your target audience.

  1. Start with the basics. Fill out your business profile on your business Instagram account. As your profile picture, make sure you use a crisp and clear version of your company logo.
  2. Tell your followers WHY you’re on Instagram. This is your business account. Be sure to help users identify with your brand.
  3. Plan your Instagram strategy. You should create a plan for how you will achieve your goals. Businesses fail to plan on social media because they don’t have a plan. Don’t post randomly or pay for traffic if you don’t have a plan!
  4. Your hashtags should not be your voice. Instead, let your hashtags speak for your business. Use hashtags to brand your business and keep them searchable. Use hashtags are great, but be careful not to lose control or generate too many posts. Focus on quality and not quantity.
  5. Your Instagram profile should be updated. Great images are essential. The most savvy Instagram users are looking for “beautiful”, “funny”, or something that relates to them. You can use apps and other image/video tool to improve the look and feel of every Instagram post.

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