Why Photo Retouching Isn’t As Bad As You Think

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  • Why isn’t it as bad as you think

Modern photography is way different than photography 20-30 years ago. This is because of the technology available in today’s market. You can get hold of digital cameras that have powerful and versatile lenses, as well as other accessories that can help you get that perfect shot. Aside from that, there are also software that can enhance and edit your photos to make it look better. This is what truly makes the difference between old school photography and modern photography.

Photo retouching is a method of manipulating an image to slightly change its looks and cover up imperfections in a non-destructive manner. This is usually prevalent in portrait photography but is also being done in other forms of photography.

Photo retouching by any means is not inherently bad. Many people say that Photoshopping, which is equivalent to retouching, is a bad way to represent the art of photography. But consider this, photo retouching isn’t doing anything but highlighting the good things about the image that is captured by the lens. A great photo always starts with a good shot. What retouching does is to add flavor to it to make it stand out and become much more noticeable. With the current photo editing software in the market, photography has evolved to something much more than just merely taking shots. It is now a combination of both the camera and the software being used to edit/retouch the photo. As many people say, Adobe Photoshop has changed the game.

For professionals, retouching is a vital part to create a great photograph. Retouch service by Sleeklens for example makes images taken by ordinary people in to works of art worthy of a spot in an exhibit. The retouch service by Sleeklens is recommended by a lot of people to beginner photographers who want to make their shots exhibit quality ones.

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