Travelling & Photographing the World As Flight Attendant


The training period at a flight attendant schools ranges anything between 2 weeks to 8 weeks. It all depends on the airline and which aircraft you will be trained in. During training, you will be provided with transportation, meals, and lodgings. Once again depending on the airline, some will even pay a salary others do not consider you an employee until you have completed training.

Apart from a high school diploma, you will be required to undergo a medical as to fitness for the job. Flight Attendants are required to be able to handle the rigorous training that is required to be able to handle being a flight attendant.

Once you have completed and been accepted after flight attendant schools, you will then be required to undergo further training depending on the airline you apply to be employed. Many of the top airlines have their own training schedules which conform to company policies. As well as abiding by the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) rules and regulations as set out. The AFA-CWA union merger ensures that Flight attendants adhere to scheduled hours as laid down by their agreed work schedule. 14 hours a day is the average work day, for internal flights and international flights work to different criteria. A rest period of 9 hours is mandatory after a tour of duty.

Flight attendants must be flexible and be willing to relocate if necessary. Attendants will use the airport computer to go online and determine their schedules up to 72 hours in advance.


The flight attendants job is quite significant in any airline as they are required to be the eyes and ears of the airline. Since they directly interact with passengers, dealing with their safety, welfare, and comfort. As well as the customers’ safety flight attendants schools ensure that flight attendants are fully au fait with unforeseen emergency procedures, reassuring passengers in flight through strong turbulence, in emergencies to be able to open emergency exits, inflating the escape chutes and seeing passengers safely off an aircraft in any given emergency situation.

Hospitality and comfort of passengers are also important, greeting passengers as they board the airplane, service of meals and drinks, a first aid if necessary, controlling of young passengers, seat belts on landing and take off. And a thousand and one other little details that need to be attended to on a flight.

Flight attendants held about 98,700 jobs today. Commercial airlines employed the vast majority of flight attendants and most of these flight attendants live near major airports or major airline hub cities.

An aspirant flight attendant must hold a valid American Passport, be fluent and knowledgeable in a foreign language, must possess common sense, initiative, have a sense of responsibility, and be friendly, outgoing, and pleasant personality, and be able to communicate with many different people.

After you have attended a flight attendants schools, you will be eligible for trainee flights.