The Importance of Good Curriculum Vitae

  • What is curriculum vitae
  • How important is it
  • Where can I get good templates

When you graduate from college, your first notion is to get a job and start a career. You’ll start to look for job openings and submit CVs to companies. This is the time you start making a curriculum vitae. What is a CV or curriculum vitae you ask? Well, it is a document that summarizes your academic qualifications and previous work experience if ever you have any. Curriculum vitae is a Latin term that means “story of your life”. Another word for it is resume. This document is the most important part of your job hunt.


Why is it important? First and foremost, a CV is what gets you in for a job interview. It is what draws potential employers from even considering you. It is your direct line of communication with them. When an employer looks at a CV, he or she is deciding if you are worth considering based on you qualifications and experience. That is why you have to be honest with your curriculum vitae. You also need a bit of time to make one, because it needs to be thought thru. You can just make one up and send it to a potential employer. Every detail listed in your CV should help you to land that job that you are applying for. So, grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are a big no no.

The best way to avoid these types of mistake is to use a cv template word. When you use Microsoft Word, you can import a CV template that you can use. Just make sure the CV template word that you downloaded is effective in conveying the message that you want a potential employer to get. What you need to remember is that a good CV is the gateway to landing a job. So, it is wise to invest and spend time on it.

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