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Pixel X800C Flash Preview/Review 1

Pixel gave me the opportunity to test their newest flash. Currently this is the pre production model so the look and functionality may change. The Pixel X800C is a Canon ETTL-II flash. It can act as a ttl wireless master and slave via both radio and optical. It boasts guide number of 60 @ 100ISO […]

Voeloon V760 Canon Speedlight review 0

Yet another installment of flash review time, This time I got to test a flagship speedlight from Voeloon. I have been quite impressed with the quality of Voeloon products so far. I already reviewed the Voeloon 331EX and I have been enjoying using it. The Voeloon V760 however is a much more powerful flagship flash […]

Voeloon 331EX Speedlight review 0

I got the opportunity to test the Voeloon 331EX flash. Now most of the time I test manufactures flagship most powerful flashes. I will be testing the flagship Voeloon v760 also so you will get that type of review coming up. Please understand this is a smaller compact speed light. Even though its small it is […]

Pixel Mago Flash Review 4

As you know I do the occasional beta test and product review of photography equipment. I was given the opportunity to test and review the New Pixel Mago X-600 speedlight. I was excited because it looked very promising. The Pxel Mago is a Canon ETTL-II flash. It can act as a ttl wireless master and […]

How to: Cactus RF60 Radio HSS 6

So one of the limitations of the RF60 and the V6 system is there is no actual TTL signals going between the camera and the flash or the transceiver. The problem with this is not just that you can not do ttl. Its that you can not go into HSS without the camera thinking there […]

Cactus V6 wireless flash transceiver review 17

Well finally after months and months of testing here is my review. There was a great amount of work done between the testers, and cactus to make this a refined and useful product. I feel we accomplished that. Disclaimer: I do not work for Cactus, nor do I get paid by cactus for my testing, […]

YN568EX Thoughts 0

A year ago. I needed a backup flash so I started looking into flashes and I found the YN568EX. It supported basically the majority of the features that my Canon 580EXII had except for master IR and auto thyroister mode. Which I could care less about. I have since bought a second YN568EX for use. […]

Cactus V6 Trigger in Beta Test Phase 3

This is a preview of the Future Cactus V6 trigger system from Beta and Alpha testing. Full review to come later. History of cactus: So some people don’t understand why theses are not a certain brand. Cactus over the years has centered its self around brand agnostic philosophy. This is good because I have and […]

Cactus RF60 Radio Flash Review with V6 Preview 3

Introduction: I got the opportunity to again beta test a product from Hong Kong company Cactus Imaging. When I first heard I was going to be testing the flash way back in September I was extremely excited in seeing what cactus came up with this time. They did not disappoint. I had a list of […]

Cactus RF60 Radio Flash – Teaser image from beta test 0

I am one of the beta testers of the Cactus RF60. I can not reveal much at this point but I am very excited by the product so far. It definitely has changed my strobist kit. We have been testing it for a while. That is one thing I like about cactus they have testers […]