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Cactus V6 Trigger in Beta Test Phase 2

This is a preview of the Future Cactus V6 trigger system from Beta and Alpha testing. Full review to come later. History of cactus: So some people don’t understand why theses are not a certain brand. Cactus over the years has centered its self around brand agnostic philosophy. This is good because I have and […]

Cactus RF60 Radio Flash Review with V6 Preview 0

Introduction: I got the opportunity to again beta test a product from Hong Kong company Cactus Imaging. When I first heard I was going to be testing the flash way back in September I was extremely excited in seeing what cactus came up with this time. They did not disappoint. I had a list of […]

Cactus RF60 Radio Flash – Teaser image from beta test 0

I am one of the beta testers of the Cactus RF60. I can not reveal much at this point but I am very excited by the product so far. It definitely has changed my strobist kit. We have been testing it for a while. That is one thing I like about cactus they have testers […]

Phottix Multi Boom 28″ Review 0

Introduction: Earlier this year I reviewed the phottix multi-boom 16″ flash bracket. I was given the opportunity to test out the new 28″ version. This adds improved stability and versatility. Because of the new design you are able to shift the weight if you would like to more center of the stand. This allows for […]

Yongnuo YN622C Review and Thoughts 0

Introduction: I may be a little late to the game with this system. However I have beta tested and reviewed many products so i felt it would be only fair to write a review on the Yongnuo YN622c.  I have been in photography profesionaly for about 5 years now.  About 4 years ago I started […]

Phottix Multi Boom 16″ Review 1

Introduction: One issue that has always frustrated me and I assume others from reading online was the limitation of the umbrella style softbox’s for speed lights. Some of theses are like the Westcott Apollo softbox, and the Phottix easy-up softbox *Note: Phottix easy-up softbox is no longer available in the united states.* Both are very […]

Cactus LV5 Laser triggers Review 18

  “Image Note: Stands not included” I was given the opportunity to be a tester of a new product from Cactus Imaging. Cactus definitely has a will to create the most useful and best product for photographers, putting their product through its paces, and getting additional must have features and fixes implemented before they go […]

Cactus V5 2 flashes off 1 Transceiver 0

I wanted to go over some testing that I did. In regards to triggering 2 flashes off one transceiver. there are 2 methods to do this. The first method is by having one flash on the hot shoe and one flash connected via cable. The other method is by using a stereo splitter y adapter. […]

Triggering Cactus V4 system with Cactus V5 system. 6

The first question I asked when I started testing this trigger system in December was is it compatible with the existing cactus v4 system I own 4 receivers and 2 transmitters with. I was told no. So I decided to try some testing to see if I could get it to work the way I […]

Cactus V5 Duo Review 14

I was given the chance to test out the first batch of the new cactus v5 radio trigger system. I have been testing it for 3 weeks now and I have to say they are a large improvement over the Cactus v4 that was released in 2009. Packaging: The cactus V5 comes in the same […]